14th CHCH BB History

14th Christchurch BB History
The 14th Christchurch Boys Brigade Company commenced in the Sydenham Methodist Church hall corner of Brougham & Colombo Streets. (Now the Sydenham Heritage Church Colombo St and demolished by the earthquakes).
Mr. Len Butler as Captain assisted by the Rev Wesley Parker as chaplain started the 14th Christchurch Company of the Boys Brigade on the 28th June 1939. In 1942 Mr Butler was send overseas by the army for World War 2.
Mr D S Thompson acted as Captain from 1942 to 1944. On his return from overseas Mr Butler became Captain again 1944 to 1949.Mr Les Teague was Captain from 1950 to 1952 then Mr Bill Lloyd was Captain from 1953 to 1960.
In 1961 the company wend into recess due to a lack of boys and staff.
In 1963 the Company was reformed at Beckenham Methodist Church which was then an out reach church for the Sydenham Methodist Parish. Mr Paul Beaumont became Captain. Mr Paul Beaumont was Captain from 1963 to 2015.
In 2010-2011 Christchurch was rocked by some major earth quakes and many thousands of after shocks. The hall at Beckenham Methodist Church became unsafe for use and eventually was demolished, from 2011 to mid 2015 14th BB met in halls of neighboring Churches.
Mid 2015 we met back at Beckenham Methodist Church using the Church and lounges.
In 2016 we met at St Marks Methodist while the building of a replacement hall at Beckenham Methodist Church was happening.
Feb 2016 Mr Stephen Gregory was promoted to the role of Captain.
Dec 2016 The new community facility/Hall is completed. 14th BB will turn home in 2017 to this wonderful new facility.
Feb 2017 14th BB returned to meeting at Beckenham Methodist Church Hall, all sections started meeting on the same night.

Feb 2021 Paul Beaumont, our past Captain received a Long service award for his 69 years and counting service to BB.

July 2021 14th BB turned 80 years old, we held a Activities night with Cake cutting.

July 2022 with the National re branding 14th Christchurch Boys’ Brigade has started using the new uniform and brand for it’s name and the name of the sections. renaming to 14th Christchurch BB is not a problem as we here already using it most of the time.