Anchor Boys is for boys aged 5-7 years (yr 1-3)

Anchor Boys Crafts

Meet Friday’s  6pm to 7:10pm
Our programme focuses on Fun, Adventure and Learning.
We do this by offering a wide range of activities.
Including Crafts, Games, Devotions and opportunities to learn and share in new experiences.

Team Adventure is for boys aged 8-10 years (yr 4-6)

Meet Fridays 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Our programme focuses on Fun, Adventure and Learning in 5 key areas, Spiritual, Physical, Adventure, Community, and Interest.
Boys can gain badges and recognition for their participation in the programme.
Programme includes Crafts, Hobbies, Games, Christian Education and many other exciting activities. There is also the chance to go on camps with the company and Battalion.

Company Xtreme is for boys ages 11 to19 years (yr 7-13)

Meet Friday’s 7pm to 9pm
While Company Section does run from Yr 7-13 it’s badge structure works differently for Jnr Company (Yr7-9) and Snr. Company (Yr 10-13). Boys in Company gather a wide range of skills as they begin to look after their environment, learn skills to take them into jobs, output into the community, and grow a deeper understanding of themselves and the encouragement of them taking their faith into their own hands. Boys at this level are learning to grow and push each other along as they discover themselves as men.
Boys can gain certificates, badges and advanced awards for their participation in the programme with the highest award in BB being The Queen’s Badge.
Programme includes games, hobbies, crafts, team building, drill, citizenship and many other activities.
There are opportunities to go away on camps and residentials locally and nationally.

Jack Receiving His Queen’s Badge with the Governor-General of NZ